Welcome to Mashouf Orthodontics, in San Jose, CA, where the oral health and comfort of our patients is always our number one priority. We are a leading South Bay area orthodontic practice, with wonderful doctors and a highly committed team. Our office is unique from others due to our strong focus on collaboration. Our Drs. Cameron Mashouf, Kayhan Mashouf, and Shannon Hayashibara closely communicate with each other to ensure that each patient’s unique needs are being met and exceeded daily. We specialize in various types of braces and are so happy to see how excited our patients are after they’ve their braces removed! However, some patients, after the excitement subsides, notice faint white spots on their teeth. So what exactly are these commonly experienced white spots?


Understanding Decalcification

Decalcification occurs when the remineralization process of a tooth is disrupted, which results in white spots you may see after your braces are removed. These white spots appear after bacteria, also known as plaque, have been able to inhabit your mouth for a long period of time. Dental plaque is sticky and tends to attach to the smooth surfaces of your teeth. These bacteria eat the sugars that you eat and give off acid for about 20 minutes. This acid then dissolves the enamel, causing a white spot to form, which left unattended, will later turn into a cavity.

Are These White Spots Preventable?

Yes! While brushing and flossing is always important, they are especially important when you are wearing braces for reasons such as this, preventing decalcification. With braces you should be brushing at least two times a day, but the more the merrier. Brushing after you eat is always a great rule of thumb. When you brush, dig with the bristles of your brush and make sure you reach underneath the wire, as the plaque will accumulate mainly between the wire and the gums, as well as under the wires. We are happy to speak with you about toothbrushes specifically designed for orthodontic care if you are interested in that as well. While some treatments are available to improve your decalcification areas slightly, they will not be able to eliminate them entirely. For this reason, it is especially important to actively prevent decalcification.

Contact Your San Jose Orthodontist Today

We are always more than happy to speak with you about any questions or concerns you may have about your orthodontic treatment. Braces don’t have to be scary or uncomfortable. In our office, we take pride in the friendly, stress-free, and supportive environment we have established. We use only the most advanced technologies to ensure that our patients are receiving the best treatment possible. If you are interested in more tips, or would like to schedule an appointment with us, please feel free to contact us or give us a call at (408) 266-8820. You can also fill out an appointment request online. We cannot wait to hear from you!

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