When Should My Child Get Braces?

The image of a teenager with braces is so common that it’s become something of a rite of passage – all over the country, people improve their smile with braces during their teen years. But for many parents, the specific point at which a child should get braces is unclear: 12? 13? 14? As your dedicated San Jose orthodontist, we at Mashouf Orthodontics wanted to throw a little light on the subject and answer the question of when your child should get braces – and it might be earlier than you think!

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When Kids Should Get Braces

So, when should your child get braces? The truth is, it all depends. Every child is different, and different kids will need orthodontic treatment at different times to best support their development and create a healthy smile. Some children will need early orthodontic treatment before the age of 10, while others may not need braces until 15.

But while the age of treatment varies, one thing remains constant: you should bring your child in for an orthodontic evaluation at age 7. Evaluating at this age lets us diagnose any problems that currently exist and also spot problems that may develop down the line, letting us monitor your child’s growth for the ideal time to get braces. We may or may not opt to start treatment at this early age, but evaluating at age 7 gives us the freedom to keep an eye on your child’s dental development and decide when is ideal to start treatment.

Schedule an Appointment with Your San Jose, CA Orthodontist

If you have a young child, it’s important to plan ahead and make sure you schedule their initial evaluation around their seventh birthday – but if your child is over age 7 and hasn’t received an evaluation, they should get one as soon as possible. At Mashouf Orthodontics, we’ve helped countless children develop a beautiful, healthy smile through orthodontic treatment, and we would be happy to make a recommendation for your child. Feel free to contact us to learn more about the orthodontic treatment process or schedule an appointment. Working together, we’ll help your child develop a gorgeous smile that they enjoy for a lifetime!

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