How do I turn the expander? What can my child eat with an expander? How do I clean the expander?

    1. Have your child open as wide as possible
    2. Use adequate lighting (you can use the flashlight on your phone) to find the hole1-Comment-activer-appareil-dexpansion-etape-1-orthodontiste-Chamberland-Quebec
    3. Place the key in the hole and turn toward the back of the mouth until you can see the next hole2-Comment-activer-appareil-dexpansion-etape-2-Orthodontiste-Chamberland-Quebec
    4. Remove the key in a down-and-back direction5-Comment-activer-appareil-dexpansion-etape-5-orthodontiste-Chamberland-Quebec
    5. Try to make the adjustments at about the same time each day (usually at night around brushing time)
    6. Try not to skip any days of turning the expander.  If you cannot keep your scheduled appointment DO NOT continue to turn the expander until after you have spoken to your doctor

Diet and cleaning your expander:

  • For the first few days after receiving the expander your child can:
    • Adjust to the expander (before starting to turn)
    • Maintain a soft diet
    • With discomfort, use a mild, over-the-counter pain reliever (eg. children’s tylenol or motrin)
  • Avoid hard or sticky foods, like popcorn or caramels, that might dislodge the expander
  • Use a bristle (proxy) brush to clean between the wires and teethPZS034
  • If there is a part of the expander that feels rough to the cheek or tongue
    • Dry the area that feels rough/sharp
    • Roll a strip of wax into a ball & press the wax onto the dry area

Please call us if you have any questions.  We are happy to guide you over the phone or schedule an appointment to check your child’s expander.  

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